Saturday, March 8, 2008

Write This Down!

You won't want to miss the next Scrap 'N Chat at DSO - mark your calendars for this Monday, March 10 @ 9:00 pm Eastern (6:00 pm Pacific) and join us in the chatroom. Click on the chatroom link on the top of the forum page. You get a free template for showing up, and here's a preview of the posting bonus:

It's a quick page made with my Flutterby Mini Kit - 'cause it's so beautiful outside and I just can't wait for spring!

Guess what I did today? My cousin from Boston is coming out to visit this summer - I am so excited! - so hubby and I have been talking about making Joe's room into an official guest room. It's not being used most of the time because Joe, as some of you know, is away at college. He does come home rather frequently on weekends, though. Anyhow... we've been talking about this guest room thing and today we bought new furniture. A whole set! We were only going to buy a bed for now, and add better furniture once Joe officially moves out (still a couple of years from now). BUT... we found a STEAL at a liquidation place, plus for this weekend only, it was an additional $200 off. How could we pass that up? So we bought a queen-size bed with a sleigh-type headboard and footboard, new mattresses, a full-size dresser and mirror, and a nightstand. Items will be delivered later this week. Now, I just have to tell Joe his room is not really HIS room anymore. Maybe I should just send him here to read this post. Would that be bad?

So then hubby says we (meaning HE) will need to paint the room. Okay, fine - but I wanted to get the new bedding before choosing a color for the walls. Only problem is, he and I have totally different tastes - in style and in color. In fact, he needs to go in for a tune-up, the way he sees color. (MOST men couldn't care less about this stuff, so if you're married to one of those... count your blessings. It is NOT fun having to get your hubby to agree about household decorating stuff.) So we go into Bed, Bath, & Beyond and didn't see anything either of us liked. We walk next door to Macy's and I found a pattern I liked with brown, taupe, and a soft baby blue accent color around the edges with small blue flowers. He insists the accent color is green. It's obviously blue - granted, it's a soft blue, but it's definitely blue. So we have to get the sales guy and ask him, "What color is this?" and of course he says, "Umm... that's blue." Smug look on my face as give him the see-I-told-you-so look. Turns out he likes the pattern anyhow, so we bought it, again, for a steal. It was already on sale plus we got an additional 25% off at the register. Now we just have to pick a paint color. I'm not looking forward to that.

By the way, I would help him paint but that, he does not want. He says I get more paint on the floor and myself than on the walls. I tell him, quit complaining - he gets what he pays for, and I'm free. I'm pretty much banned from painting anything anymore. Last time we painted the house, we had all the boys painting, too. I had a fleeting thought about throwing just a tiny bit of paint on them, but in a momentary flash of reality I just envisioned all of them ganging up on me, and I'm way outnumbered and they're a lot bigger than me. I caught myself before it was too late! This mama ain't no dummy...

My last bit of news is... I've joined the Humpday Hunnies!! I know, it sounds so risque but it's all in perfectly good fun, LOL! On Humpdays (aka Wednesdays), I'll be posting a freebie on my blog for you so come back and see what you can snag.

I hope you have a fun, relaxing weekend. As for me, I'm going outside now to enjoy some California sunshine. :)


Luisa said...

HAHAHA, Man! I lauugh with this picture, Hubby has the same problem but he knows I am an expert on this so he just say ok honey!, and when we finished the room, he will say that is wonderful, I couldn't imagine that, hahaha, I am looking in my mind your face once you came back to reallity of that moment thinking in paint and your boys!! Girl, you make me laugh today!!

Happyjen said...

Sounds like u had a very eventful day, I wouldn't b worried if my hubby told me not to paint, I don't like the smell of it anyway.
I hope u get the room all setup without to much drama.