Saturday, June 14, 2008

Freebies All Over the Place!

The next part of my It's Boy Time mega kit contribution is ready for you to snag at DSO. Hurry, this is only good for one day before the next designer's turn is up. (Don't worry, the entire mega collaboration will be on sale at the end of the month, if you miss any of the parts...)

Check out this week's SAS newsletter, where you'll find even more free stuff. Included in there is the link to my Flip Flop Summer Quick Page, made using the FREE posting bonus if you complete June's My SAS-y Self Challenge. Take this month's challenge and you'll not only get the posting gift but you'll have a layout completed, to boot!


Luisa said...

The papers looks Awesome!! Thanks Dar!!

Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

Thanks for the Boy Time goodies! :)

Andrea said...

Love your boytime papers! thanks :)

Loved reading more about you on dso blog! Scuba diving, huh? Cool. Never tried, nor have I tried snorkeling. My hubby loves to snorkel.

Going to Australia! That's AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the neat pack of papers to the "it's Boy Time" kit

Nani said...

Love both of the kits for the month from the sites where your stores are this month, Darlene!

It's Boy Time has such fun colors and all the elements have been great tomboy elements too! (great for me, great for doing pages for my tomboy niece too!)

Flip Flop Summer is just fabulous colors and well and so many of the posting bonuses have flip flops in them too! I could never have too many flip flops in my closet or on my hard drive! :)