Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Wednesday

This time of year gets so busy - end of school (and two seniors graduating in early June), concerts and competitions, finales, parties - the "season" has kicked in full swing. This week, the band David plays in (Todd Morgan and the Emblems) were on KCRA television mid-day news, and they got a lot of airtime. They were promoting a gig for Kids Art, a huge event intended to expose children to the Arts. The band performed at the event, and part of the promotion process was to plug the event on television, so David and the guys performed at the mall (where KCRA is filmed). This is a 50's-style rock band and here are a couple of photos to show you (David is playing the bass guitar):

And here's a clip from the actual event. The audio isn't the greatest because I just taped it on my camera (not through the sound system):

These guys are three seniors and the drummer is a junior. Aren't they talented (and cute!)?

I am excited to let you know I have FINALLY finished the two companion kits I've been working on, Boylicious and Girlicious. These are colorful and fun, and both are very versatile. There is also an add-on kit for each collection (for those who just can't get enough, or simply may want a smaller kit). And... I'm also making this available in a Bundle Package for those who really want to save money! ALL these items are being offered at 25% off right now in both my stores. Take a look:

My wonderful CT has been busy making layouts with these new kits, and I'd like to show you a few.

From Brenda, using Boylicious:

And from Livia:

Here's one I made, which David and Joe are going to hate if they see this... but that serves them right for not letting me get a good photo!

Here are some using Girlicious-
From Debbie:

And from Marilyn:

Aren't those layouts awesome?

Okay, okay, I know... where's the dang freebie already! Ready? Here it is, a coordinating sampler to Merry Sunshine. Please, no sharing or hotlinking. Enjoy!


SKrapper Digitals said...

that 'one decent photo' layout is a RIOT!! I was cracking up thinking of my brothers doing that to my mom too! LOL!! what talented boys you have there! :-) I wanted to ask you this before, you said somewhere that you
are a published author, what book did you write? and how did you get it published?

Darlene Haughin said...

Not a book, Sherah - just magazine articles. I've been published in a few children's magazines as well as some religious ones. (I quit writing much once the digi-obsession took over.) I see you read my "SAS-y Self" layout challenge for this month! :)

Jessie said...

cute kits and great LO's

txbubbles said...

Toot tooting thru on the blog train! Great looking kits!

SKrapper Digitals said...

hey lady! you've been nominated for an award! check out my blog to see it! :-)

Shannon said...

Hi Dar! Just stoppin by on the DSO blog train! :) Looks like the guys had a great time! Cute LOs too!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for this LOVELY sampler!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim B said...

Tooting through- OMG, those LO's are GORGEOUS!!! And woooooh! How cool is the band girl!!
Love the new kits!!
Sending hugs

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the sampler! I have this kit and love it.

Congratulations on your award - you certainly deserve it!!