Saturday, February 16, 2008

You Can't Pull the Wool Over This Mama's Eyes!

My friend Starr sent me this story about Italian Mamas (of which I am one)…

Mrs. Ravioli comes to visit her son Anthony for dinner. Anthony lives with a female roommate, Maria.

During the course of the meal, his mother couldn't help but notice how pretty Anthony's roommate was. She had long been suspicious of a relationship between the two, and this had only made her more curious.

Over the course of the evening, while watching the two interact, Mama started to wonder if there was more between Anthony and his roommate than met the eye.

Reading his mother's thoughts, Anthony volunteered, "I know what you must be thinking, but I assure you, Maria and I are just roommates."

About a week later, Maria came to Anthony saying, "Ever since your mother came to dinner, I've been unable to find the silver sugar bowl. You don't suppose she took it, do you?"

"Well, I doubt it, but I'll email her, just to be sure." So he sat down and wrote:

Dear Momma,

I'm not saying that you 'did' take the sugar bowl from my house; I'm not saying that you 'did not' take it. But the fact remains that it has been missing ever since you were here for dinner.

Love, Anthony

Several days later, Anthony received a response email from his Mama which read:

Dear Son,

I'm not saying that you 'do' sleep with Maria, and I'm not saying that you 'do not' sleep with her. But the fact remains that if she was sleeping in her own bed, she would have found the sugar bowl by now.

Love, Momma

Moral of the story: Never lie to your mother, especially if she’s Italian!

I thought that was cute so I’m sharing with you. :)

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KrisG said...

Thank you so very much for keeping up all the pieces to download... this kit looks sooo awesome!!!! Love the colors you used! Thanx!

Lisa said...

I'm really loving your "So Sweet" kit. Thanks so much for part 7, love the tag! Enjoyed your joke...pretty sneaky of mama!!

Andrea said...

I'm not saying that "is" a funny story, and I'm not saying it "isn't." What I am saying is my mother in law is Italian- YIKES!!
Love that kit, checking it out right now!

makeyesup said...

Thanks for part 7 and all the rest, since sometimes I forget to leave a message. Don't like to do that, since I appreciate the talent that is shared so generously. Great kit.

Claire said...

another nice part to kit. tfs

Lani said...

Hey Dar! thanks for the comments on my glad people like em.

haha that lil story is cute! sooooooooo dar, i know you have a housefull of boys, is that what you do to them?? lol

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

Luisa said...

LOL, Funny story, wahahaha, I still laughing, Thank you for part 7, is great

Cheryl Embry said...

OMGosh! I love that Italian Mama!! Thanks for the goodies AND laughs!!

Shannon said...

Thanks Dar! Love these colors!

Peggie said...

Wow! another beautiful part. Thank you.